Saturday, August 27, 2011

Racist ESPN

ESPN is under fire Thursday for creating and publishing the Photoshopped image of Michael Vick(aka dog killer) with a white face to accompany a column in ESPN The Magazine entitled "What if Michael Vick were white?"


  1. Yes ,what if he was white ,would all the racist white people forget about what he did or would they still hate him. Its not up to the world to forgive you ,its up to god ,and if he forgives you ,what authority do man has to not.He did what he did so what ,people are suppoes to forget and forgive ,nobody on this earth is perfect.Every person on this earth has sinned ,so lets all just forget about it ,and move on ,or support him ,and help him through it all.
    p.s I an a girl ,and happen to love vick,he has inspired me to want to pursure my career as a person in the NFL,and one day be a coach,physical theripist ,or maybe a player in the NFL.