Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Linsane in the Membrane

If you follow any sports blogs or just so happened to come across ESPN or Yahoo Sports in the last week or two, you probably have heard the name Jeremy Lin – or any combination of “Lin-sanity,” “Lin Dynasty,” Linception,” or even “Linsane in the Membrane.” The star point guard for the New York Nicks is the talk of all the sports media. He is definitely a feel good America story and for all the right reasons.

Jeremy Lin was a non-drafted free agent when he signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2010. He never got much playing time and the Warriors cut him the very next year. Lin had a stint with the Houston Rockets but was shortly put on waivers. The New York Nicks claimed him off waivers and the rest is history.

With an injury plagued back court, the “Miracle on 33rd Street” began on February 4th when Lin got his first serious minutes coming off the bench. In a 99-92 victory over the New Jersey Nets, Lin had 25 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Lin earned a start in the very next game where he lead the Nicks to their second straight victory with 28 points and 8 assists.

This is about the time when all the major sports networks jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. It got to a point when even Kobe Bryant, who had to guard Lin last week, spoke out before the game and said, “I don’t even know who this guy is.” Well, Jeremy Lin put up 38 points, a career high, on the best defender in the league. The Black Mamba was a little bit more humble about his statements on Lin in the post game press conference.

Even with NBA superstars such as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, the Nicks were a losing team, well under .500 and no hope for the future of the season. Then, out of nowhere, Jeremy Lin comes in and starts dominating. The Nicks are running a hot streak and are undefeated since Lin started playing. Lin is the leader of this team and proved it with a game winning three pointer with half of a second left against the Toronto Raptors. He contributes in everyway possible – passing, rebounds, jumpers, layups and even dunks. He is literally Lintastic.

Lin, an Asian American from Harvard – yes, that Harvard – has scored more points in his first three starts than anyone else in NBA history, even Michael Jordan. Teams passed up on this kid because he was too scrawny, because he didn’t have the drive, the passion. Scouts have never been so wrong in their lives. Jeremy Lin is a true American story. He is Rocky. He is the guy that everyone counted out and proves them wrong, a Hollywood story in the flesh. Who knows how long Lin-sanity will continue but I hope its for a long time. I mean, all he does is “LIN!”

Jason Delodovici has been blogging in the sports industry for 2 years; he writes for a Giants blog and loves everything sports. He grew up in San Francisco and is passionate about both the 49ers and Giants.

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