Saturday, March 15, 2014

Will Phil Jackson Effective in the New York Knicks?

Phil Jackson, New York Knicks, NYK

Phil Jackson must completely redo the New York Knicks and change the team's attitude and he must elevate the Knicks to a respectable level of basketball relevance to make the team attractive to elite talent.

A GM said that Phil can help the Knicks gives the team a face and credibility. But these big free agents are only going to a place where they feel they can win. Phil needs to build something first to earn their trust.

ESPN reported that Phil Jackson signed to be the New York Knicks president for $12 million per year and it does not include a stake in ownership.

He will take care of basketball operations while general manager Steve Mills will continue to be in front office. Phil Jackson record as a coach is 11 NBA championships which is why he is so much respected by NBAs elite talents.

Jackson will have to deal with Carmelo Anthony's free agency as Carmelo has plans to  opt out of the final year of his contract this summer. There are also rumors that he will fire Mike Woodson and look for a new coach.

I really hope he can impose an impact to the Knicks and change their attitude and finally win some trophies.

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