Saturday, April 9, 2016

Manny Pacquiao Defeated Timothy Bradley via Unanimous Decision

manny pacquiao, Pacquiao win, Timothy Bradley

The fight is all over! This is Manny Pacquiao's last fight and he won via unanimous decision. He wants to concentrate in being a politician in the Philippines to help his people.

Pacquiao a southpaw vs Bradley an orthodox fighter. In round 1 both fighters feels each others, there are no major breakthrough between the two. Not much happened. Round 2, Pacquiao got aggressive he let go a flurry of punches, and chase Bradley around the ring. In round 3, Pacquiao was able to corner Bradley and punish him through out. Round 4, Bradley awakens and landed decent jabs and punches on Pacquiao.

Round 5 is a bit exciting both fighters are aggressive they traded flurry of punches. Pacquiao is the aggressor but Bradley is fighting back and standing his ground.

Round 7 Pacquiao got aggressive again Bradley is on the defensive. Pacquiao finds the mark and knocked down Bradley.
manny pacquiao, Pacquiao win, Timothy Bradley
Round 8 Bradley was able to land heavy punches on Pacquiao and Pacquiao looks hurt.

Round 9 Bradley pursues Pacquiao with heavy punches, but couldn't find anything. Pacquiao Hit Bradley with a big left hand that sent Bradley sprawling and rolling to the mat.
manny pacquiao, Pacquiao win, Timothy Bradley
manny pacquiao, Pacquiao win, Timothy Bradley
manny pacquiao, Pacquiao win, Timothy Bradley
Round 11 Pacquiao hunting down Bradley around the ring. Bradley is backpedaling.

In Round 12, Pacquiao is just coasting and let the time elapse while Bradley pursue Pacquiao. The round ends with Pacquiao landing a flurry on Bradley.

Manny Pacquiao wins against Timothy Bradley via unanimous decision (116-110, 116-110, 116-110)

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