Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cowboys backup quarterback Kellen Moore Breaks Ankle

Dallas Cowboy, backup quarterback Kellen Moore
Dallas Cowboy, backup quarterback Kellen Moore

 Dallas Cowboy, backup quarterback Kellen Moore

Not good for the Dallas Cowboys their backup quarterback Kellen Moore broke his ankle while in their training camp. According to reports, while they are at practice he dropped back to pass and got his ankle rolled up on. He was helped off the field since he was not able to stand by himself. His right ankle was put into a soft cast and he was carted off the field.

Third-string quarterback Dak Prescott was the next man up during drills. He took over the second-team offense for the Cowboys at camp.

The injury happened near the end of the team practice. Also Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain has not yet reported to training camp and there are doubts that he will play in the NFL again since it has been confirmed that his suspension for 10 games is not for a failed marijuana test but for an opiate commonly referred to as "purple drank" (Sprite, cough syrup and codeine).   
Dallas Cowboy, linebacker Rolando McClain
Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain

It's certainly not good news for the Cowboys since they are losing good people and they needed all the help they can get behind Tony Romo.

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