Sunday, July 10, 2016

UC Berkeley Naked Run Spring 2016

UC Berkeley Naked Run Spring 2016, nudist students
UC Berkeley Naked Run Spring 2016, nudist students

As per tradition, a group of UC Berkeley students ran through Moffitt Library and Main Stacks the Wednesday of dead week naked.

The UC Berkeley Naked Run happens every semester during the week leading up to final exams, fearless UC Berkeley students shamelessly streak through main library while shouting and blowing horns as onlookers cheer them. It seems for these students exposing their privates is about celebrating their freedom on the UC Berkeley campus. It last for 20 minutes.

Others complain about the noise and disruption, and most complain about the naked runners smell. The university has a well established tradition of nude activism, that originated in large part from a push for sexual liberation on campus that occurred around the same time as the Free Speech Movement. Since the 1960s, students have used nudity to make statements on a variety of issues, ranging from rape culture to the clearing of trees near campus.

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