Monday, April 29, 2013

NBA Center Jason Collins is Gay

NBA Center Jason Collins is Gay, gay, GLAAD, Boston Celtics, Wizard, Kobe Bryant

Jason Collins admitted that he is gay and proud of it. He has become the first active player in major US professional sports to come out as gay.

In an article on Sports Illustrated website, Collins writes about his sexual orientation:

"I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay."

"I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I'm happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn't the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, 'I'm different. If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I'm raising my hand."

"I endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie."

"If you're in the league, and I haven't been your teammate, I surely have been one of your teammates' teammates. Or one of your teammates' teammates' teammates."

"I take charges and I foul - that's been my forte. ... I set picks with my 7-foot, 255-pound body to get guys like Jason Kidd, John Wall and Paul Pierce open. I sacrifice myself for other players."

"I go against the gay stereotype, which is why I think a lot of players will be shocked: That guy is gay? But I've always been an aggressive player, even in high school. Am I so physical to prove that being gay doesn't make you soft? Who knows? That's something for a psychologist to unravel."

"I'm glad I'm coming out in 2013 rather than 2003. The climate has shifted; public opinion has shifted. And yet we still have so much farther to go. Everyone is terrified of the unknown, but most of us don't want to return to a time when minorities were openly discriminated against."

"I realized I needed to go public when Massachusetts congressman Joe Kennedy, my old roommate at Stanford, told me he had just marched in Boston’s 2012 Gay Pride Parade.  I’m seldom jealous of others, but hearing what Joe had done filled me with envy. I want to do the right thing and not hide anymore. I want to march for tolerance, acceptance and understanding. I want to take a stand and say, “me, too.”

About the reaction of his fellow NBA players "The simple answer is, I have no idea."

"Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start. It all comes down to education. I'll sit down with any player who's uneasy about my coming out. Still, if I'm up against an intolerant player, I'll set a pretty hard pick on him. And then move on."

"I don't mind if they heckle me. I've been booed before. There have been times when I've wanted to boo myself. But a lot of ill feelings can be cured by winning. I hope fans will respect me for raising my hand. And I hope teammates will remember that I've never been an in-your-face kind of guy. All you need to know is that I'm single. I see no need to delve into specifics."

"Some people insist they've never met a gay person. But Three Degrees of Jason Collins dictates that no NBA player can claim that anymore. Pro basketball is a family. And pretty much every family I know has a brother, sister or cousin who's gay. In the brotherhood of the NBA, I just happen to be the one who's out."

Collins told his brother Jarron that he was gay last summer.

"He was downright astounded. He never suspected. So much for twin telepathy. But by dinner that night, he was full of brotherly love. For the first time in our lives, he wanted to step in and protect me."

Collins has been a journeyman in the NBA, he played for six teams in 12 seasons he is now with the Washington Wizards after being traded by the Boston Celtics. He is now a free agent.

He was a first-round draft pick in 2001 and averages 3.6 points and 3.8 rebounds for the New Jersey Nets, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, Hawks, and Celtics.

By coming out he receives a lot of support from a lot of people:

Injured Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant tweeted, "Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others" "courage" "support"

Billie Jean King, a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame who confirmed she was gay said, "We've got to get rid of the shame. That's the main thing. And Jason's going to help that. He's going to help give people courage to come out. I guarantee you he's going to feel much lighter, much freer. The truth does set you free, there's no question. It doesn't mean it's easy. But it sets you free."

President of Washington Wizards, Ernie Grunfeld said: "We are extremely proud of Jason and support his decision to live his life proudly and openly. He has been a leader on and off the court and an outstanding teammate throughout his NBA career. Those qualities will continue to serve him both as a player and as a positive role model for others of all sexual orientation."

Boston Cetics coach Doc Rivers; "I am extremely happy and proud of Jason Collins. He's a pro's pro. He is the consummate professional and he is one of my favorite 'team' players I have ever coached." "If you have learned anything from Jackie Robinson, it is that teammates are always the first to accept. It will be society who has to learn tolerance."

Nike released statement: "We admire Jason's courage and are proud that he is a Nike athlete. Nike believes in a level playing field where an athlete's sexual orientation is not a consideration."

Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward said; "I would say the NHL has been a force to kind of obviously embrace and encourage. ... What (Collins) did, I think it's definitely (good) for basketball, and the same for hockey, too. It's going to be encouraging for more guys to step up and just be open about themselves."

Wizards guard Garrett Temple said: "I was surprised. I didn't know and I was right next to him in the locker room. It definitely took a lot of courage for him to come out. He was a great teammate."

Bradley Beal said: "I didn't know about it! I don't think anyone did! I am proud of his decision to come out and express the way he feels and I'm supportive of that!"

Jerry Stackhouse of the Brooklyn Nets said: "I hope Jason is received well by our NBA family. Jason is a friend and a former teammate that I've enjoyed many laughs and conversations with and his sexual orientation won't change that with me. I've already reached out to him personally to show support and will encourage more guys to do the same."

David Stern NBA Commissioner statement about Jason Collins: "Jason has been a widely respected player and teammate throughout his career and we are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue."

Former NBA's John Amaechi who is also gay said: "I think he is immensely brave. I think it's a shame in this day and age he has to be immensely brave, but he is. He's going to be a remarkable and eloquent spokesperson for what it is to be a decent, authentic human being - never mind just for gay people."

Rick Welts president of Golden State Warriors who is also gay: "He probably knows what he signed up for. There'll be a whole bunch more television reporters and cameras than he's probably had in the past. ... There had been a long of speculation about when, who, how. I think that speculation has been put to rest now. and we'll always remember that Jason Collins was the first man to do this."

Former President Clinton said: "Jason's announcement today is an important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community. It is also the straightforward statement of a good man who wants no more than what so many of us seek: to be able to be who we are; to do our work; to build families and to contribute to our communities. For so many members of the LGBT community, these simple goals remain elusive."

Rep. Joe Kennedy III, D-Mass. a college roommate of Collins: "For as long as I've known Jason Collins he has been defined by three things: his passion for the sport he loves, his unwavering integrity, and the biggest heart you will ever find. Without question or hesitation, he gives everything he's got to those of us lucky enough to be in his life. I'm proud to stand with him today and proud to call him a friend."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

San Antonio Spurs routed LA Lakers 103-82 to complete sweep

San Antonio Spurs routed LA Lakers, sweep, LA Lakers, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant

San Antonio Spurs completed the first-round sweep of Kobe-less Los Angeles Lakers with a 103-82 victory in Game 4.

Tony Parker scored 23 points, Tim Duncan contributed 11 points and six rebounds, Kawhi Leonard and DeJuan Blair had 13 points apiece.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 16 points while Dwight Howard only had 7 points and was ejected early in the third quarter after drawing his second technical foul with 9:51 left in the third quarter and the Lakers trailing 55-34.

The Spurs will wait for the series between Golden State and Denver for their second round battle.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bulls Big Comeback beat Brooklyn in 3OT 142-134

Bulls Big Comeback, Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, Nate Robinson,Deron Williams,Brook Lopez,Carlos Boozer

The Chicago Bulls made a big comeback to beat the Brooklyn Nets 142-134, they now lead the series 3-1. They outscored the Nets in the third overtime 15-7.

Nate Robinson led all scorers with 34 points on a 14-23 shooting. Carlos Boozer scored 21 points, Joakim Noah chipped in 15 points and pulled down 13 rebounds.

Deron Williams led the Nets with 32 points, Brook Lopez had 26 points and 11 rebounds.

"Huge win, huge win. Nathaniel was huge. … I'm just proud of my teammates," Noah said "Now, let's go end this in Brooklyn."

Bulls got a key bucket from Nazr Mohammed. He connected in the lane after taking a feed from Kirk Hinrich with 32.6 seconds to play.

Nazr Mohammed got a key bucket when he connected on a pass from Kirk Hinrich with 32.6 seconds to play. Then a putback from Nazr at 19 seconds left from a Carlos Boozer missed free throw gave the Bulls a 140-134 lead .

Noah, Nate Robinson, and Taj Gibson didn't finished the game they fouled out.

The Bulls are trailing 109-95 in the regulartion with 3:45 left in the clock. But Nate Robinson's hot shooting kept them alive, he scored 12 consecutive points with jumpers, layups, and free throws.

"It's an important trait to have as a team. This team has been hit with a lot of things this year. They've shown great resolve. We fight. That's something I think is valuable. …"

"We've got tough guys. We've got the right guys. Attitude and approach are important. That's something we value, and we've gotten great leadership from our veterans." Thibodeau said.

Game 5 will be at 6 p.m. Monday in Brooklyn.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Point Guard Westbrook out, torn meniscus

Point Guard Westbrook out, torn meniscus, Russell Westbrook, injury, OKC, OKC thunders

The All-Star point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook will undergoe surgery to repair cartilage in his right knee and be out indefinitely. This will be a huge blow to the championship hopes of the Thunders.

Sam Presti the General manager of the ballclub said that they have not yet scheduled Westbrook's surgery and have no accurate timeline for his return.

"We're not trying to rush him or bring him back ahead of schedule. We want to make sure he's healthy and his knee is right, That's our only concern with it right now. We have to come together as a team and worry about the basketball. All he has to worry about is him getting healthy" Durant said.

Russell hurt his knee in Game 2 against Houston Rockets last Wednesday when Rookie Patrick Beverly lunged for a steal and his hip collided with Westbrook's knee.

"Anyone who knows me knows I don't go out there and try to hurt anybody. I play at one speed and that's fast. I was just trying to make a play on the ball before they called a timeout and it's just unfortunate," Beverley said.

''Our team as a whole, we've got a resilient group of guys, a lot of character within that locker room and a group that enjoys playing together and has been through some adversities over the last several years that they've been together. We'd expect them to adjust, come together and have different guys step in and play well collectively,'' Presti said.

Game 3 will be this Saturday night in Houston. Westbrook averaged 24 points and seven assists in the first two games, both won by top-seeded Oklahoma City.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knicks rally in the 4th to beat the Celtics 85-78

New York Knicks, Boston Celtics,Carmelo Anthony,Kevin Garnett,Jeff Green

New York Knicks outscored the Boston Celtics 18-8 in the fourth quarter with red hot shooting from Carmello Anthony and JR Smith to beat the Celtics 85-78.

Scoring champion Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 36 points and JR Smith scored 15 points.

Anthony though he shot only 13 for 29 from the field he scored eight points in the fourth quarter, including consecutive baskets late in the period that finally gave the Knicks breathing room in a tight game.

The Celtics three costly turn over sealed their fate in the fourth quarter. Jeff Green scored 26 points 7 rebounds and 2 assists, Paul Pierce put up 21 points, and Kevin Garnett has an awful night with 4-12 shooting for just 8 points.

Game 2 is Tuesday night before the Celtics host Game 3 on Friday in what will be their first home game since the Boston Marathon bombings.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Byron Scott Fired by Cleveland Cavaliers

Byron Scott Fired, Byron Scott, Dan Gilbert, Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers, cavs, Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers fire head coach Byron Scott after three losing seasons. Scott was fired Thursday April 18, 2013 it was an 82-game rollercoaster that included injuries, blown leads and a dissappointing final weeks.

Scott has a 64-166 win-lose record in his three years with the Cavs, who were weakened by injuries this season but also showed little progress under him. Scott was informed he would not be coming back one day after Cleveland closed the frustrating season with its sixth straight loss. The Cavs has the NBA's third-worst record at 24-58.

All-Star guard Kyrie Irving said he was surprised and saddened by Scott's firing.

"I just lost my head coach," Irving said, his voice barely above a whisper. "This is all new to me right now. I'm just trying to get over the loss of my basketball father."

"I wish Byron Scott and his entire family the best going forward," Owner Dan Gilbert said in a release.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Filipino Boxer Donaire lost to Rigondeaux

Nonito Donaire, Filipino boxer, Nonita Flash, Flash Donaire, Pacquio

Nonito Donaire from the Philippines lost his superbantamweight championship to Cuba’s Guillermo Rigondeaux via a unanimous decision.

The three judges scored it in favor of the former Olympic gold medalist and World Boxing Association titlist 114-113, 15-112 and 116-111.

In the 10th round Donaire knockdown Rigondeaux when he landed a powerful left that dropped Rigondeaux for the first time in his professional career, but the Cuban came back strong and controlled the last two round to bag the win.

Kobe Bryant Facebook rant

Kobe Bryant Facebook rant, Kobe, LA Lakers, injury, kobe injured

Kobe Bryant vent his frustrations on Facebook at 3:30 am Saturday after suffering an Achilles tear in a game against the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

    This is such BS! All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I've done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen ?!? Makes no damn sense. Now I'm supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that??

    I have NO CLUE. Do I have the consistent will to overcome this thing? Maybe I should break out the rocking chair and reminisce on the career that was. Maybe this is how my book ends. Maybe Father Time has defeated me...Then again maybe not! It's 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I'm wide awake. Forgive my Venting but what's the purpose of social media if I won't bring it to you Real No Image?? Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever.

    One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day.

    "If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear". Ive always loved that quote. Thats "mamba mentality" we don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run. We endure and conquer.

    I know it's a long post but I'm Facebook Venting LOL. Maybe now I can actually get some sleep and be excited for surgery tomorrow. First step of a new challenge.

    Guess I will be Coach Vino the rest of this season. I have faith in my teammates. They will come thru.

    Thank you for all your prayers and support. Much Love Always.

    Mamba Out

Monday, April 8, 2013

Louisville capture its third national title beats Michigan 82-76 for NCAA title

Luke Hancock, Ware, Peyton Siva, Louisville Cardinals, Michigan Wolverines

Louisville fans erupted to celebrate their victory that is more than a year in the making.

Behind 22 points from Luke Hancock, 18 from Peyton Siva and 15 from Chane Behanan, Louisville edged Michigan

Luke Hancock had huge game off the bench, scoring 22 points. Peyton Siva added 18 points while Chane Behanan chipped in 15 points and 12 rebounds for the Cardinals to beat the Wolverines 82-76 in a scintillating national title game, delivering the school's third national championship and its first since 1986.

John Cena defeats The Rock at Wrestlemania 29

John Cena, Cena, the Rock, the Rock bottom

WWE had the biggest pay-per-view of the year in WrestleMania 29 that was held on Sunday in New Jersey. A lot of fans wants to see the match between Cena and The Rock.

Most fans who don't like Cena, were hoping that Cena would lose. They are tired of his character. But, WWE has a business to run. Cena sells more merchandise than any other wrestler, he is the face of the company, and the match result Sunday was the best for long-term business.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Louisville beats Wichita State 72-68

Louisville, Cardinals, Luke Hancock, Kevin Ware,

Luke Hancock off the bench scored 20 points that sparked a second-half rally as Louisville advanced to the NCAA title game Saturday night. They scaped a 72-68 victory over Wichita State.

Russ Smith led the Cardinals with 21 points, and Chane Behanan added 10.

Cleanthony Early had 24 for the ninth-seeded Shockers (30-9), who nearly pulled off their biggest upset of all. Wichita State had knocked off No. 1 seed Gonzaga and Ohio State on its way to its first Final Four since 1965, and it had a 12-point lead on the Cardinals with 13:35 to play. It was the largest deficit all tournament for the Cardinals, who seemed out of sorts with Ware on the bench, his broken right leg propped up on a chair.

But Louisville had come back to win five games after trailing by nine points or more already this year, including rallying from a 16-point deficit in the title game at the Big East tournament.

The Cardinals modified their warm-up T-shirts in honor of their fallen player Ware ''Ri5e to the Occasion,'' with Ware's No. 5 on the back and every one of the starters went to shake his hand after being introduced.