Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tom Brady Greatest Quarterback Of All Time (GQOAT)

Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Patriots, Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Patriots, Atlanta Falcons

Tom Brady, Patriots, Atlanta Falcons,New England Patriots

Tom Brady after winning the Super Bowl 51 last Sunday in a come-from-behind thriller is the Greatest Quarterback Of All Time (GQOAT) no doubt about it. The Patriots climbed from a 25-point deficit en route to a stunning 34-28 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons.
Tom Brady, Patriots, Atlanta Falcons,New England Patriots

He has now five (5) Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady has also been named Super Bowl MVP four (4) times, for Super Bowl XXVI, Super Bowl XXXVIII, Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI. He has also been chosen for the NFL Pro Bowl ten times, two of those times as first team all-pro.

It was the biggest come-from-behind Super Bowl victory, the first Super Bowl overtime and a record fifth Super Bowl win for Brady and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Can you name other quarterback who has five Super Bowl rings? He now tops four-time winners Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. Even though Brady ranks behind others based on other measurements. He's not far off.

Peyton Manning holds the two major statistical records (yards and touchdowns), Brady only trails Brett Favre and Drew Brees in both categories. Brady trails Manning by over 10,000 passing yards.

Passing Yards

Manning 71,940
Favre 71,838
Brees 66,111
Brady 61,582

When it comes to passer rating, he's on top.

Passer Rating

Brady 97.2
Manning 96.5
Montana 92.3
Marino 86.4
Favre 86.0
Bradshaw 70.9

Also in his 15 seasons as a starter his team never finished at or below .500. He was able to make 14 trips to the postseason, and has a playoff record of 24-9. His 33 playoff starts are more than any player ever.

Tom Brady is the KING OF ALL QBs!!!

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