Sunday, May 5, 2013

Floyd Mayweather retains WBC title beats Guerrero

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Floyd Mayweather is still unbeaten with a perfect record of 44 victories as he won by unanimous decision against Robert Guerrero to retain his WBC welterweight title.

This is Mayweather first fight after serving his jail time for three months. He was convicted of domestic violence after beating his ex-wife. The score card for the 12 rounder were 117-111 for all the three judges in favour of Floyd.

Overall it was a slow and boring fight with little action. In the first round Guerrero was aggressive but Floyd seize control in the third round and later rounds just like every Mayweather fight.

In the eight round Mayweather hit Guerrero with a power punch that shocked and wobbled Guerrero. Mayweather continued with straight rights and counter punches that cut Guerrero eye.

Floyd Mayweather failed to knockout a clearly overwhelmed and over-matched Guerrero. This fight was a snooze fest.

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