Friday, September 20, 2013

Jonathan Villar slides face-first into Brandon Phillips’ behind

Jonathan Villar slidesJonathan Villar slides,buttslides

Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar slid head-first to the left butt cheeks of Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips while being tagged out. Phillips jokingly said he felt violated.

Villar made a huge mistake trying to stretch a single into a double and instead winding up with a face full of fanny.

“It was a crazy play,” Phillips told the Houston Chronicle. “I liked the play, but I didn’t like all that face in the butt. I felt uncomfortable and violated. I know he felt violated too. I’m glad it wasn’t my face.”

“For some reason – just me being me – I turned around and just put the glove down right in front of the bag, extended my arm as far as possible and I just tagged him,” Phillips said after Cincinnati’s 10-0 pasting of the Astros for their 100th loss.

“The next thing you know he just got a face full of butt.”

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