Monday, October 28, 2013

Here’s My NBA Power Rankings

1. Miami Heat: They were 66-16 last season and Lebron James said that he will play better this season, they still have a declining Dwyane Wade, and unimpressive Chris Bosh, but their acquisition of Ray Allen has proven beneficial remember game 6.

2. Brooklyn Nets (49-33): Jason Kidd is a new coach but they have a great tactician in Lawrence Frank. The Nets has a deep bench and aging but still efficient Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett combined it with stars like Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brooke Lopez, they’ll be too much to handle this season and can unseat the Heat in the East.

3. Chicago Bulls (45-37): Derrick Rose has returned and his injury seems fully healed, his jumpers have improved teams, I think they will win a lot of games this season.

4. Indiana Pacers (49-32): Danny Granger is returning but his health is still an issue he will miss the first two games of the regular season with a calf strain. I hope Luis Scola will prove to be a nice piece in the Pacers run.

5. San Antonio Spurs (58-24): As long as they have a healthy Tim Duncan and Tony Parker they will be in contention. This should be Kawhi Leonard break out season.

6. Los Angeles Clippers (56-26): the Clippers have a new coach Doc Rivers to lead Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to win a title.

7.  Houston Rockets (45-37): Dwight Howard was healthy in the preseason and he seemed to work well with James Harden and Jeremy Lin but I still doubt his maturity.

8. Golden State Warriors (47-35): Andre Iguodala will play alongside Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, David Lee, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes he can help this young team a lot.

9. Oklahoma City Thunder (60-22): The Thunder should be higher rank if not for an injured Russell Westbrook who might be sidelined until December.

10. Memphis Grizzlies (56-26): Dave Joerger is their new head coach what they need is a little offense to go with their defensive efficiency of 97.4 last season.

11. New York Knicks (54-28): Andrea Bargnani will be interesting to watch if he performs in New York with Carmelo Anthony.
12. Denver Nuggets (57-25): No more Andre Iguodala and Danilo Gallinari will be sidelined to recover his knee injury.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves (31-51): Wolves have Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio Nikola Pekovic and new acquisition Kevin Martin but I think it’s still not enough to make the postseason.

14. Washington Wizards (29-53 ): The Wizards will have John Wall, Marcin Gortat and Nene they may post a decent win record with those three.

15. New Orleans Pelicans (27-55): New Orleans will have a better shot this year with players like Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans.

16. Cleveland Cavaliers (24-58): the combo of Kyrie Irving and Andrew Bynum will be difficult for some teams, the question is if Bynum will actually play.

17. Detroit Pistons (29-53): Josh Smith will help this team this season, but I doubt if he can carry the team to postseason. 

18. Portland Trail Blazers (33-49): LaMarcus Aldridge said: "mark my words" that the Blazers will be a playoff team. LOL

19. Dallas Mavericks (41-41): Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki will be a good tandem but still I have my doubts if they can reach the postseason.

20. Toronto Raptors (34-48): I hope Jonas Valanciunas plays well.

21. Charlotte Bobcats (21-61): The have a new center in big Al Jefferson.

22. Atlanta Hawks (44-38): Al Horford will be the face of the Hawks since Josh Smith is now gone.

23. Sacramento Kings (28-54): DeMarcus Cousins should deal with his issues and play better.

24. Utah Jazz (43-39): Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will be interesting to watch, but they still lack pieces to make it to the postseason.

25. Boston Celtics (41-40): Yes, Celtics have a rehabbing Rajon Rondo and they have lost their vets in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett but on positive note they have 9 first round draft picks.  

26. Los Angeles Lakers (45-37): A lot of uncertainty of the Laker land this season since Kobe is still uncertain when he'll play.

27. Milwaukee Bucks (38-44): They are dealing will a lot of injuries this season Ersan Ilyasova (ankle), center Ekpe Udoh (knee) and swingman Carlos Delfino (foot).

28. Orlando Magic (20-62): Another rebuilding year for the Magic.

29. Phoenix Suns (25-57): I think they will have one of the worst record this season.

30. Philadelphia 76ers (34-48): The Sixers will be neck to neck with the Suns for the worst record.

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